Atrush Feeder 36″ Pipeline

Date: 1/12/2016 – 1/6/2017


Dohuk – Shekhan – RETM to KPS2

Scope of Work

Survey, ROW, Strining, Bending, Welding, Coating, Trenching, Lowering, Tie in Padding, FOC, LineMarker, Asbuilt

Work Size

7750 meter

Job Summary

  • Complete planning,Project Management,Excellence Execution.

  • Coordination and supervision.

  • Prepare Procedures,Method of Statement and Inspection.

  • Quality Control Department provide quality control engineer per each activity.

  • Pipeline Construction per ASME B31.4, Welder qualification as per API 1104, ASME SEC V, ASTM 370 & NACE TM 0177.

  • Performing Weld Blasting & Coating as per ISO 8501 ISO 8502 ASTM D-4145, SSPC-SP10 & SSPC-AB1.

  • Compelete Civil work execution according Specifications,Approved typical drawings and International standard.

  • HSE Plan as per IMS ISO 45001.